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Electronic analog of an online store with many features
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Why eCommerce Site?

You have an existing shop or at least a desire to sell some products or services. And what could be better than an eCommerce Site?! You save money on the expensive rent of an actual store and employees, you can sell your products worldwide to any customer in any country of the world, and the list of benefits is really immense!

What's included?

Design: custom design, coding, creation of favicon icon;

Programming: complex site menu, text sections, product catalog, functionality to sort products, adding products to favorites, product cart, site navigation, showing pricing in various currencies, possibility to upload an excel price list on site, picture gallery, site search, feedback form, GoogleMaps location, content management system;

SEO: initial optimization, site registration at popular search engines, setting up keywords and site pages' description, site visitor statistics.

Turn Key Job

When the work is finished by us – your site is ready to be used right away, with no technical skills needed at all.

Best For

Online product selling worldwide, small/medium/large shops and stores, brand owners, miscellaneous products and services to be sold online.

Ukraine, Kiev